moments in a day


moments in a day

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The moments in the day I live for…….


  • When the world is quiet, the little ones are asleep and I have a few moments warm in bed before the day begins.
  • The sound of little feet running up and down the hallway upstairs.
  • Baby B and Miss M giggling at something only they will understand and share.
  • The look on Baby B’s face when gets excited. His mouth shapes into a perfect oval and he softly goes “Ooooo”
  • The perfection of the back of their necks
  • The first taste of that perfectly poured coffee
  • The moment when I open the door to baby B’s room and the smile he gives me
  • Evening story time before bed while she holds my hand in her little warm ones.
  • When my husband and I look at each other and our “life” and think….we are so lucky.

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