Goodbye 2014


Goodbye 2014

Another year has gone…. I look back and it blows my mind how fast a year can go. I see pictures of my little ones and think to myself “there is no way they have changed THAT much in one year!” I get excited for the things that are still to come. Personally, I have gone through so much in the last year. Adjusting to a new family of 4. Adjusting to turning my work life upside down and starting something completely different. Not knowing if I will succeed or fail.


I think about the laughs we had, the tears, the smiles. It all made us who we are today. I think about the people that were there for me during thick and thin. The ones that supported me and listened to my concerns. The ones that gave me that little push when I needed it. They helped me make the decisions I did to get me to where I am right now. I think about the ones that drifted away, making me sad as I don’t how or why.


So much can happen in a year. It can go by so fast.


Today I posted a picture on Instagram. It stated “Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”


Every year, I face the thought of my “New Years Resolutions”. I usually will write a few down. Nothing unattainable.  But this year I chose different. Im trying to live more day by day and do the best you can during that day. To be the best wife, mom, daughter, sister, business woman and friend. I know some days I will fail. Some days I will succeed. But I believe it will develop me to where I need to be. Improve the areas I need to work on. Shove me to where I should be.


Today was a rough start to the first page in my book. We all woke up tired. The end of the holiday season is catching up on us I think. Breakdowns and determination can make a challenging morning. To top it off my husband and I not connecting. It was just one of those days. So what do we do when we have a rough one, we head outside. In hopes to clear our heads. It helped until we realized we lost track of time and we were an hour behind schedule and if you know my oldest one (she is a routine child that needs her naps) we hit rock bottom on the way home. But in the end, as I write this both of them are sleeping (including my husband) and I made a much needed cup of tea. I sat myself down on the couch by the Christmas tree and took a moment.


This photo makes me laugh. Miss M’s face says it all while baby B is loving it!






Blurry iphone picture


Happy New Year to you all. I wish you happiness, love and laughter. Enjoy each and every moment.


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