finally, it snowed.


finally, it snowed.

Living on the coast means lots of wet and mild winters. You get use to the green grass and the buckets and buckets of rain. You are use to thinking winter is no longer a season. Fall and Spring kind of just blend into one another. If and when we do get snow here, its usually just enough to tease and its usually gone by the late afternoon when are dear friend rain washes it all away. But last night when I was putting the little ones to bed I noticed the white stuff staring to fall. I wasn’t going to get my hopes up that we would wake up to a long overdue winter wonderland, but a girl can hope.


If the middle of the night when baby B was needing some late night cuddling & nurse I looked out the window. There was a perfect blanket of snow covering the earth. When it snows, the world seems to whisper. The sound of everyday life is muted. Everything looks so clean and white. Its peaceful.

I sneaked into my daughters bedroom and opened her blinds. I wanted her to be able to wake up in the morning and the first thing she would see was this peaceful setting.¬†Baby b was up early. I picked up his warm little body out of his bed and carried him downstairs. Made him his breakfast & sat down to wait for the little one to wake. All of a sudden I heard her little voice yell…”Mommy…Daddy….come look…..IT SNOWED!!!!!!” The look on her face & sound of her voice was heartbreaking. She was so excited






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