day by day


day by day

I recall a few fellow moms telling me about the changes that happen each year with your little ones. “The terrible two’s, the terrible three’s…and oh you wait when they are four! ” But I must say I was blessed with a pretty easy toddler life with my little girl. The so called “terrible two’s” came and went almost unnoticed. But I am not too quick to say the same of the “terrible three’s”.


She is in the middle of a part of her life that is a bit unpredictable. Naps are a hit and miss. Some days she falls off to dream land in a whiz and others she spends her “quiet time” re-arranging her wardrobe over and over. Those naps days, bedtimes are late…oh there are times I am going to bed before she decides to surrender to the night. When she doesn’t nap, half the time days are filled with ease. The other half……pure rough and tough. She is sensitive, she is over tired, she has meltdowns. And Im not talking easy, cry for a minute or two and then give in. Im talking full blown screaming, yelling, coughing (cause she is crying so hard) “mom get away from me!” “mom, hold me” “I WONT’S” “NO’S!” Where there is nothing I can’t do that will defeat this emotion that she is feeling. She is having these meltdowns any million reasons a) She doesn’t want water & apple juice or b) Her brother looked at her c) she had to come inside d) well just because e) she is completely overtired.


If she is anything like her mother, I will be the first to tell you if Im hungry…if Im overtired I am a recking ball. I am an emotional roller coaster and sometimes I don’t have true reason why. So, if she does have some of my wonderful traits…it makes these meltdowns a bit more easier to understand. But not easy to fix. It breaks my heart that she is feeling like this. It breaks my heart that she is too young to understand how to express her feelings or emotions. I am at a lost because I have no idea how to handle these moments. I don’t know how to get through to her when she is crying. Do I make her stay with me and wait out this meltdown, me telling her its going to be ok, I understand, I am sorry. Do I give her a moment alone to feel these feelings? Do I walk away and let her Daddy help…oh wait…nope that just makes her scream more, because we all know when that sun sets and those tired days are ending…only mommy will do.






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